Commissioned Work

Why not commission your own painting by Zak?

What are the benefits of privately commissioning a painting from the Artist you might ask?

Firstly, it is the one to one discussions with the Artist to understand what the client needs are. Secondly, Zak will produce a series of drawings and rough paintings, Plein air. Thirdly the client receives a consultation through out the process of producing the hand built canvas stretch with specific dimensions to the finished painting. Finally the client has a bespoke original painting which has involved them in the process and has a story.


George V1 pillar box

Oil on canvas .

Privately owned Ria, South of France .

House in Ria

Oil on Canvas 50cm x 60cm.

Privately owned Ria, South of France .

Sunset, Sandy Lane, Brindle

Oil on Canvas 35cm x 50cm

Privately owned Brindle, Lancashire, England.

Silver Birch & Scots Pine 2

Oil on Canvas 56cm x 56cm.

Privately owned New York, USA.

 Zak Last  Artist

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